The Weeknd ‘Take My Breath’ lyrics meaning explained

On Monday night, the single was unveiled in an Olympics promo for the Team USA Women’s Track & Field team.

The track was also scheduled to air in Imax theaters before “Suicide Squad” this week, but has been pulled due to epilepsy warnings regarding to the “intense strobe lighting” in the clip.

Here’s the lyrics meaning breakdown to The Weeknd’s new song ‘Take My Breath’.

“I know temptation is the devil in disguise/You risk it all to feel alive, oh yeah”

The Weeknd expresses that temptation can lead you onto a bad path. He also explains that you can give up everything you have worked on, just to feel like you’re alive.

“It’s like a dream what she feels with me/She loves to be on the edge”

In this lyric, The Weeknd reveals that the woman feels in a state of a higher realm when she spends time with him. He also sings about her loving the risk of “being on the edge”.

“Want me to hold onto you tight/You pull me closer, feel the heat between your thighs (Uh, say)”

The singer makes a sexual reference about the women he’s with wanting him close to her. He paints the women out to be invested in him in a sexual manner.

“Take my breath away (Take my breath away)/Nobody does it better, babe”

The Weeknd’s love interest blows him away with how she pleases him. He reassures her that she does it the best and nobody else could compare.

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