Stephen A. Smith Reportedly Had Max Kellerman Removed from First Take

Stephen A. Smith had Max Kellerman removed First Take, as the network looks to likely add Michael Irvin to replace him on ESPN. With information surfacing last week that ESPN was cutting cost and moving Max Kellerman to radio, more eye-raising information has surfaced.

According to the NY Post, Stephen A Smith has wanted Max Kellerman off First Take for years. The Post went to cite that it wasn’t personal, but Smith wanted a more passionate challenger in debating, which is why they’ve been losing to FS1 Undisputed.

Stephen felt Max had a “smartest guy in the room” attitude and felt the two didn’t have chemistry. Considering Stephen A’s World on ESPN+ has been the biggest flop of the network to date, he’s looking to ultimately land a late night show on the Disney-ran network.

Smith, 53, still has four years left on his five-year, $60 million contract; where most feel he’s been severely underpaid. Since he’s gotten every wish from the network that’s been losing viewership to the internet, we would expect him to renegotiate for a lucrative deal to make him the highest paid on-screen person.

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