Rory Calling Drake’s CLB a Parody Album Should be Praised

With both media personality and insiders having friendships directly with OVO Sound, some found this headline alarming over the weekend without hearing the entire conversation. Rory jumped out of the window, to become of the first people in media to call Certified Lover Boy a mediocre album.

Here’s the catch, if anybody dropped CLB, it would’ve been praised as one of the greatest projects ever if it wasn’t Drake. While saying he loves the album, he wanted it to essentially be a 4:44 project from the Toronto native.

Roc-a-Fella Rory believed a deeper album would’ve received higher praise than CLB, which many thought his most vulnerable release to date.

Rory went to say, “This feels like a Drake parody album. He was trying to recreate other great Drake songs that have already happened. It felt like someone else was making a Drake album, that wasn’t Drake; because Drake has set the bar too high.”

Although we love the album, any subpar album for him would be better than most content out. While still praising Drake as one of the greatest in hip-hop history, Rory wanted him to have a critically acclaimed album.

Now, why is this so important for Rory to call him out on the content, in a respectful manner? Because most people in podcast media are afraid to have personal opinions. This happens to be the norm, because most are afraid to lose the bag and leave thoughts on music or movements to themselves.

However, since it’s just music here, Rory deserves some respect for not standing in line at the OVO frank stand like a lot of people are doing this month.

Look at the media below.

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