Rico Nasty Brings The Rage To Her Tiny Desk Concert

Rico Nasty performs a medley of her most popular tracks with the help of an all-female band.
Rico Nasty may be known for her raucous fan-favorite tracks like “Smack a Bitch” and “Sandy,” but the unparalleled Maryland artist has proven how versatile she can be with her recently aired Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. Rocking a silver braided mullet, Rico kicks off the show with a soulful and groovy performance of her impressive new single “Magic.”

At the conclusion of “Magic,” Rico Nasty formally introduces herself to the virtual audience, saying, “What’s up guys, my name is Rico Nasty. I’m so excited to be here with you guys. I’ve always wanted to do one of these. We’ve got an all-girl band. We bout to rock out. Let’s go!”

And immediately afterward, Rico decidedly sidesteps the typical stripped-down approach to Tiny Desk Concerts and holds a full-on punk rock clinic.

With the help of her all-female band, Rico Nasty runs through a medley of her most popular tracks over the years, including “Rage,” “OHFR?,” “Trust Issues,” and “Smack a Bitch.”

The 13-minute performance is easily one of the gnarliest and most energetic sets ever brought to the Tiny Desk Concert series, and for those who have not yet been able to witness Rico Nasty live in person, she definitely puts on a show. Check out Rico Nasty’s spirited Tiny Desk (Home) Concert below.

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