Nas Recent Comments Shed Light on Why More Collaborations with DMX Never Happened

One of the biggest questions during the late 90s and early 2000s throughout the history of rap, was why the world never got more Nas and DMX collaborations. During that time, both legends became household names, as we saw X ascended beyond the rap world into film.

It never sat right with some of us here behind-the-scenes, with two of our favorite people (mutual feelings on their sides as well) never finding time to collaborate and create classics. The pair worked on two songs, which we saw them most notably collaborate on the Belly soundtrack.

How both X and Escobar were portrayed on film, was the exact same way some viewed them in real life – except for drug dealing. The Queensbridge legend sat down with the homie Ebro on Apple Music to open on his new album with Hit-Boy, King’s Disease II.

With his brother Jungle there for a very rare conversation, including clearing questions on the infamous 2pac meeting in New York with Suge Knight. Now, Nas said some key things on why he didn’t collaborate with artists a lot during his earlier days as an artist.

He essentially said that collaborating with fellow rap greats, was basically using the cheat code. Many artists felt that same way, and normally kept collaborations at a minimal to just people within your camp.

Think of it as the current NBA and certain players building super teams, because they’re afraid to compete and win with building the right team. We’re assuming DMX felt the same way, as his work had minimal outside influence from the Ruff Ryders camp and immediate affiliates.

This led to Escobar opening on how appreciates the newer generation of talent and accepting his role as the OG and teacher for the youth in the game. Now, Nas feels he must do this and show comradery and love to the young Kings coming up in the game.

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