M1LLIONZ – Bando Spot

Nostalgia is in the air anytime a track from 50 Cent gets sampled. As the rapper-turned-television executive puts his focus on his Hollywood endeavors, new artists have been paying homage to Fif by interpolating or sampling his records and introducing these songs to a new generation.

UK rapper M1llionz has been bubbling up with each and every release. His latest offering, “Bando Spot” puts a drill flip on the Olivia-assisted, “Candy Shop.” Honeywoodsix and Jevon put a sinister spin on their sample of 50 Cent’s record while M1llionz follows the song’s blueprint for the hook. “I’ll take you to the bando shop/ I’ll let you lick the sales I got,” raps M1llionz through his deadpan delivery.

M1llionz has been shaping up to be one of the biggest new artists out of the UK and his latest release has the potential to really introduce him to an international demographic.

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