Logic Details Being Sexually Abused In New Excerpt From Memoir “This Bright Future”

In his new memoir, Logic recalls being sexually abused by his father’s girlfriend.
Logic revealed that he endured an instance of sexual abuse at the hands of his father’s girlfriend, Donna, in his new memoir, This Bright Future. The Bobby Tarantino III rapper shared the excerpt from his memoir on his YouTube channel, Friday.

Logic describes Donna as a drug addict and alcoholic who rocked a “Van Halen hairstyle.”

“I don’t remember exactly how it happened but she was definitely drunk and she walked over to me and she took some of my Skittles and she put them in her mouth and she said, ‘Hey, come here.’ So I walked over to her and she leaned down and she passed the Skittles from her mouth to my mouth, which then turned into her tongue-kissing me. It was more than one Skittle—I could really taste the rainbow and the cigarettes and the ginger ale and the lipstick, like all of it at the same time.”

He continues, “I look back as an adult and obviously it was wrong and creepy and weird, but I won’t lie. As a kid, I was like, ‘Awesome! Nice!’ which is this weird double-standard we live with where if any man does anything, it’s abuse, but if it’s some hot lady teacher, it’s somehow not as bad, even though it is.” He also explains that the moment didn’t go beyond that.”

Fans will be able to purchase Logic’s This Bright Future on September 7.

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