Logic Offers Inspirational Message For Anyone Suffering Survivor’s Guilt

Logic offers his thoughtful take on the effects of survivor’s guilt.
In the wake of the tragic suicides of the Parkland High School shooting survivors Sydney Aiello and one unidentified student, as Jeremy Richman, the father of a Sandy Hook victim, many conversations have turned to the effects of Survivor’s Guilt. On that note, TMZ ultimately caught up with Logic, who has previously acted as a hip-hop spokesperson for causes of this nature, and took a moment to pick his brain on the subject.

“It’s wild, where we are,” reflects Logic, fielding an admittedly eloquent question from the TMZ paparazzi – a fact not lost on Bobby. “Also dude, thank you for asking legit questions. I really appreciate it,” he adds, showcasing his signature sense of humility. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been there, man. It’s really hard to deal with. Just imagine feeling like you’re completely in darkness. It’s crazy. Giving someone advice to someone in that place is also extremely difficult.”

Despite the perceived hopelessness of the situation, Logic does remain optimistic that all will be right. “Just keep going,” he says. “You have to keep going. Surround yourself with peace and love and positivity. Go make friends. Just do what you love in life, and figure it out.” The cameraman, once again surprising in his wizened line of questioning, asks whether Logic will ever come through with a follow-up to his Suicide Hotline single.

“I have an album coming out called Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind where I talk about it,” reveals Logic. “It’s not really a song. I did that from my heart one night, never thought it was going to be as big as it was. But this next album man, it deals with social media, how we view the world. The negative aspect and overcoming it. Not searching for acceptance and likes.”

Always a man of integrity, that Logic. Not to mention busy – aside from the aforementioned album, he recently dropped off both a novel and soundtrack for Supermarket, the latter of which you can stream right here.

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