Kodak Black Says He’s Going On Tour With NBA Youngboy

Kodak Black seemingly wants to break bread with NBA Youngboy’s crew amid issues with Jackboy.
Kodak Black just emerged out of prison earlier this year and he hasn’t wasted any time unleashing new music. The rapper’s already shared two projects so far, Haitian Boy Kodak, Before The Album, and Happy Birthday Kodak. Both projects have been bubbling up but fans are hoping that they can catch the rapper on tour sometime in the near future.

It appears that ‘Yak has a plan to hit the road and simultaneously squash his feud with NBA Youngboy, formally. The rapper was on Instagram Live where he revealed that he’s working on a tour with the Louisiana rapper, despite being locked up. Kodak said that he needs $20M for the co-headlining venture in order to split it 50/50 with Youngboy. “We was on the phone with his people and he ready to do a tour, for like, YB, for when he get out. They ready to do a tour. They talkin’ bout, like, $20Ms for the tour. We bust down $10M a piece. I need that,” he said.

Additionally, Kodak seems to resolve his issues with Quando Rondo, who previously had issues with Sniper Gang. It seems that all could be well between Yak and Quando, if they have a friendly spar. “On this SG, I’m standing on that,” he said before cracking a joke about Lul Tim. “Lul Tim knows. Stay in ya little lane, Lul Tim. Stay right there.” Quando Rondo previously burned Sniper Gang boxers which ruffled a few feathers.

The recent announcement comes on the heels of Kodak Black and Jackboy’s public falling out. During Yak’s incarceration, Jackboy had held down the Sniper Gang brand, including in the height of Kodak’s feud with Youngboy.

Check Kodak’s announcement below.

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