Jonah Hill Compliments & Playfully Trolls Beyoncé With “Hold Up” Dance

The video has amassed over 750K likes.
One day after highlighting the talents of his good friend Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill returns with a shout-out for Beyoncé. The acclaimed actor has been a beloved figure in the film industry for decades and fans are delighted to see him posting about his famous friends while highlighting their accomplishments. The latest to receive kind—yet funny—words from Hill is none other and Beyoncé whose message arrives with a hip-swerving dance from the actor.

Millions of people worldwide helped make Beyoncé’s Lemonde a chart-topping record that is hailed as one of her best projects. Her “Hold Up” single arrived with a memorable yet destructive music video and Hill used that song in his social media clip.

“@beyonce our friendship has evolved so much over the years. Life gets in the way sometimes; family, kids, career, etc.,” Hill wrote. “While we don’t see each other as much day to day as we used to, it’s beautiful that we can still collaborate artistically on such important pieces of work such as this. We don’t say it enough to each other, but you mean a lot to me.”

We won’t hold our breath with the hopes that Hill will appear on the next Beyoncé record. The post has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes as people have been amused by Jonah’s Bey mention, so check out the light-hearted moment for yourself below.

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