Joe Budden Calls Out Kendrick Lamar over ‘Family Ties’ Verse & Breaks Down Real Story with Drake

Cole still being the only rapper, everyone genuinely loves, Joe Budden wanted to educate the masses on his mindsets many greats have. He opened on the much talked about verse from Kendrick Lamar on Baby Keem’s new single, Family Ties.

There, people felt he was talking to the hottest names in music, as some believed it was about multiple artists. However, in Joey’s deep-dive analysis, he felt Kenny was talking directly to his arch nemesis from Toronto.

While it’s not a street issue, Buddens said that the GODs of hip-hop only care about being the top rapper. Essentially, its good competition for the genre to keep everybody on their toes and presenting the best possible content for listeners.

Taking from his own experiences with feeling Jay-Z was sending him subliminal lines back in the day and witnessing Papoose take over the mixtape game from everybody; Joe made an interesting opinion.

With the masses believing Kenny was talking about a top five, Buddens sent a direct message as an emcee to a fellow peer of the culture that he wasn’t being fooled.

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