Ice Cube Speaks On Bringing The BIG3 To The Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island is playing host to the BIG3 Championship game.
Ice Cube has always been a visionary whether it be in the music world or in the sports and entertainment sector. Just a few short years ago, Ice Cube had the ambitious idea of creating a 3-on-3 basketball league that features retired NBA stars, as well as international talents, and even some journeyman ballers who have been looking at getting just one more shot. Throughout these past few years, the league has amassed a substantial fanbase that is both dedicated and passionate.

Due to the pandemic, the league had to forfeit its 2020 season, however, Cube and company were eager to come back better than ever, and that is exactly what they did. In fact, at the start of the season, the league announced that its championships would be held in Nassau, Bahamas. Atlantis Paradise Island is one of the most beautiful island resorts in the world, and as you can imagine, it is the perfect backdrop for a league’s finals. Every year, the island hosts NCAA teams, and now, they are also hosting what has quickly become one of the fastest growing leagues in the world.

As for Cube’s decision to host the tournament here, well, the logic is simple: who wouldn’t want to play basketball surrounded by beaches, lagoons, the ocean, and various types of greenery that engulf the senses.

“Just go outside and look around you know. It’s a beautiful location,” Cube told HotNewHipHop when asked about entering an international market. “The players are excited. In 2019 we went to 18 different cities in the states so to be able to go internation with the league is something that’s part of our plan. We had a plan to go to China before the pandemic so this is where we want to be. We want to do our championship in some of the best places and most exotic places in the world.”

Last weekend, the league had its semi-final showdowns which saw the 3 Headed Monsters and Trilogy come out victorious. Now, these two teams will play against each other on Saturday, September 4th at 3:30 PM EST, in the Finals. As Cube noted, having the championships in the Bahamas was a huge motivator for the players and it showed on the court.

“Without a doubt, they’ve been talking about it all season,” Cube said. “And I always say if they didn’t want to play hard, they’re wives and they’re girlfriends would make them play hard to get over here for that free paid vacation.”

Needless to say, the BIG3 isn’t going anywhere and over the next few years, you could very well see the BIG3 infiltrate markets you never once thought possible.

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