EXCLUSIVE: Indiana Pacers Moving Malcolm Brogdon

Indiana Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon trade news August 2021 story is revealed to us, as a few teams are still planning moves before pre-season. Arguably the biggest free agent transaction this year could be Malcolm Brogdon landing with the right franchise.

This week, it’s being brought to our attention that the Indiana Pacers are looking to part ways with their star point-guard. After averaging 20-5-5 last season in career high points per game, the veteran guard could be soon receiving a receiving a trade or most likely a buyout.

With Mr. Brogdon set to turn 29 in December, the Pacers are still in rebuilding mode, as the team has even had discussions with other franchise about taking Myles Turner.

The east has become a juggernaut, with multiple teams creating big threes (Brooklyn), landing key free agent names (Miami) and even adding depth to what should be working (Milwaukee).

Now, with all of that happening, essentially, it would be a waste of time for Malcolm to use his prime years during Indiana’s rebuilding experience. Some of the Indiana faithful believe the team should tank, even though they have talent to at least compete for the playoffs.

Currently constructed, we see them as a play-in tournament candidate, which is in no way to disrespect the team. The eastern conference has just become extremely deep with the depth of players on each team. Whoever gets Malcolm Brogdon (praying it’s the Clippers), will have a guaranteed 20+ point scorer every night on the court.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Pacers possible move and where Brogdon should go if he’s released (or traded).

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