COVID Testing Site Rejects Candace Owens For “Spreading Misinformation”

Candace Owens says she was rejected from a private COVID-19 testing site for “spreading misinformation.”
Candace Owens says that a COVID-19 testing site refused to serve her because she has “worked to make this pandemic worse.” The right-wing pundit shared a screenshot of an email sent from the owner of the testing site.

“We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations,” the owner wrote in the email. “My team and myself have worked overtime, to exhaustion, unpaid and underpaid this past year, spending our own capital to ensure that our community remains protected. It would be unfair to them and to the sacrifices we have all made this year to serve you.”

Owens has been a prominent voice in downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the death tolls are inflated, expressing vaccine skepticism, and more.

“So I am no longer allowed to comply with covid measures and responsibly test myself for Covid because…they don’t like my politics in Aspen,” said in her post.

She added: “Thanks @rocky_mountain_labs for partnering with a psychotic leftist activist named Suzanna Lee to keep your community safe— from those who believe in medical freedom. This pandemic is so real and so deadly, that Covid facilities are now googling the names of people who book Covid tests to ensure they vote for Biden.”

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