Consequence Says He’s Looking For The Mole Who Leaked Song To Drake

Consequence said that he’s trying to find the person in the G.O.O.D Music camp that leaked Kanye West’s “Life Of The Party” to Drake.
Kanye West and Drake’s feud to another turn on Saturday morning when the latter decided to leak a song by the former. It was a song that didn’t make the cut for DONDA but ‘Ye has previously detailed his intention to release it in some manner. Fans immediately praised “Life Of The Party” ft. Andre 3000 is one of the best songs of the year. However, many also wondered how Drake got his hands on the record.

Consequence spoke out after the single began to trend, claiming that it was “Party Time.” While fans anticipated that the song would finally see the light of day, Con ultimately shared a diss track aimed towards Drake. He debuted the song during an Instagram Live where he also directly addressed the leak.

“We gon’ figure out who the mole is, talkin’ to the homie. All is fair in love and war, trust me. There’s no emotion with me, man,” he said. “When I find out who givin’ shit out, oh, that n**a’s gonna get more than a wedgie, n***a. Believe that.”

He continued, “What we ain’t gon’ do is act like n***as gon’ run up on my block. That’s what we ain’t gon do.”

Just as Kanye West is allowing members of his team to speak on his behalf, so is Drake. OVO affiliate Preme slid in the comment section of Akademiks’ post where he responded to Cons.

“Could’ve played donkey in shrek lookin ass u ain’t bout to do shit,” he wrote.

Andre 3000 emerged yesterday to address the song’s leak. He explained that the song he was sent originally didn’t have any mention of Drake, nor did it have the version of the verse that was released to the public. “The track I received and wrote to didn’t have the diss verse on it and we were hoping to make a more focused offering for the Donda album but I guess things happen like they are supposed to. It’s unfortunate that it was released in this wat and two artists that I love are going back and forth,” he said, adding that he would’ve liked to be on CLB as well. Check out Andre’s response below.

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