Brockhampton Reveal Merch Collection In Collaboration With Holiday

Brockhampton and Nick Holiday have partnered for a new merch collection.
Brockhampton has collaborated with designer Nick Holiday’s brand, Holiday, for a new merch collection which is available now on their website. The collection features sweatshirts, sweatpants, both long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts, and more.

The new pieces are modeled by the group’s members Romil, Roberto, Kevin Abstract, and Matt Champion, in a series of photos.

Nick Holiday has served as a key voice in the group’s creative team throughout their rise to fame.

“I am not in charge of their individual style, and sometimes I get afraid of that word ‘stylist’ because these dudes are so creative and so good at their job,” Holiday said in an interview with Complex back in 2019. “They are fucking awesome. They show me new stuff every day, too.”

As for his own brand, Holiday, he says the style is very much inspired by nostalgia.

“It’s all based on nostalgia,” he explained in a recent interview with Office. “Everything I do, it’s all based on emotion and it’s based on me seeing certain colors. Color is a very important way to express.”

He continued: “I like working with people that I’m really friends with, honesty. I love that. And music is one of my favorite things ever. So if I’m doing a brand, and an up-and-coming artist has a mixtape dropping, I want them to use my platform. If this helps them in any way, it’s going to help me too. We can all be honest about what helps us, instead of this cool, ‘Oh no, I’m doing you a favor.’”

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